HK-100 U

HK-100 U

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Product Code: HK-100 U
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The Joy of Knitting - The Easy Way!

Nice and easy does it with the HK100 Knitting Frame.

This sturdy, lightweight knitting machine makes fast work of Stockinet, Slip, and Tuck Stitching and, with a little manual help, can even handle Fair Isle. It comes complete with simple knit patterns and easy to follow instructions, making it the perfect knitting machine for hobby and leisure use. So why not stp out into the world of knitted fashions today with the HK100 knitting Frame. In no time at all you'll be producing beautiful original garments that not only look good but also give you that extra special handknitted feeling.

The HK100 Knitting Frame.

All the joy of knitting - the easy way.


  • Number of Needles:   120 Metal Needles on Bed

  • Needle Pitch:   8 mm

  • Needle Bed:   made of plastic.

  • Principal Stitch Types:   Stockinet, with manual needle selection, Tuck, Slip, and Fair Isle are possible. Comes with five "SIMPLE KNIT" patterns. Maximum 32 different tensions.

  • Suitable Yarns:   Medium to Super Thick Yarn

  • Wonderfully compact and lightweight, this mid-gauge knitting machine can be used in the smallest of spaces and is super easy to carry and store

  • Dual Tension Yarn Feed regulates tension and reduces slack.
  • Sponge bar holds needles in knitting position.
  • Hobby Knitting Machine, not for commercial use.
  • No ribber attachment available.

        Canada Warranty: 6 month  on defects in materials. (needles and plastic parts physical damage is not under warranty)
        Non-Canada Warranty:
30 days parts and labour


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