Reliable MSK-3316-GG7-60H Tractor Feed

Reliable MSK-3316-GG7-60H Tractor Feed

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Reliable 3/5 Thread Tractor Feed Safety Serger

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For heavier work, this is the serger thats right for the job.

For joining two or more plies of fabric together (3 or 5 threads), or for "overedging" (3 threads), the MSK-3316N with tractor feed is a machine that climbs easily over extra thick seams, making previously difficult serging tasks easier.

For sewing all kinds of heavy fabrics such as canvas, denim and vinyl, the MSK-3316N-GG7-60H with differential feed, stitch length regulator and fully automatic lubrication offers the whole package. Low noise and vibration design, outstanding build quality and reliability and the industries #1 DC servomotor.


  • 6000 rpm high speed operation
  • 3.6mm stitch length
  • 4.8mm needle gauge
  • 7mm stitch width
  • 6.5mm foot lift (hand)
  • Push button stitch length regulator
  • Tool kit, drawer, thread stand included

Tension Dials are mounted on the front of the MSK-3300 series so you can easily adjust for the perfect stitch

Automatic Lubrication: when running, the oil window on the top of the head indicates that the machines internal pump system is working

Differential Feed: the MSK-300N series is equipped with a differential feed to allow for sewing stretchy (knit) fabrics

Adjustable Edge Guide: to control how much fabric is being trimmed off, each MSK-300N series serger is equipped with an adjustable edge guide.

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