Bernina 9mm Feet - For Model 180-730, 7 Series/8 Series

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Bernina Foot #10C Edge Stitch Foot 9mm
Edgestitch foot # 10C is a practical help for sewing finished edges even and straight. Super..
Product Code: BER008877.75.00
Bernina Foot #12C Bulky Overlock 9mm
The BERNINA Bulky overlock foot # 12C has a wide groove in the sole, making it ideal for sewing b..
Product Code: BER008878.75.00
Bernina Foot #16 Wide Gathering 9mm-NLA
Gathering foot # 16 is suitable for gathering lightweight-to-medium weight  fabrics. The fab..
Product Code: BER008879.73.00
Bernina Foot #1C Reverse Pattern 9mm
With its cut-outs in front and back of the needle opening, Reverse pattern foot # 1C is ideally s..
Product Code: BER033202.72.00
Bernina Foot #20C Open Embroidery 9mm
Open embroidery foot # 20C is a specialist when it comes to embroidering with your sewing machine..
Product Code: BER033203.72.00
Bernina Foot #29C Quilting 9mm
Quilting foot # 29C is a special presser foot for easy free-motion, outline and stipple quilting...
Product Code: BER008880.74.00
Bernina Foot #2A Overlock Foot
verlock foot # 2A is ideal for producing serged seams and hems. It is especially well suited for ..
Product Code: BER033330.72.01
Bernina Foot #34C Clear Reverse 9mm
Reverse pattern foot with clear sole # 34C affords a clear view of the needle and stitching area...
Product Code: BER030769.73.00
Bernina Foot #39C Clear Sole Embroidery Foot
Embroidery foot with clear sole # 39C Embroidery foot with clear sole # 39C is an extre..
Product Code: BER032171.73.00
Bernina Foot #3C Buttonhole Foot
Buttonhole foot # 3C is ideally suited to sewing buttonholes, as well as gathering with cord or e..
Product Code: BER033204.72.00
Bernina Foot #40C Sideway Motion 9mm
The Sideways motion foot # 40C makes light work of sewing large, elaborate designs in any directi..
Product Code: BER033205.71.00
Bernina Foot #52C ZZ W/Teflon 9mm
This presser foot makes quick work of assorted utility and decorative stitches, as well as the se..
Product Code: BER008881.75.00
Bernina Foot #59C Double 4-6.0mm Cord
Double-cord foot # 59C enables the simultaneous couching of two parallel cords with a diameter of..
Product Code: BER032370.72.00
Bernina Foot #60C Double 7-8.0mm Cord
Double-cord foot # 60C allows the simultaneous couching of two parallel cords 7 to 8 mm in diamet..
Product Code: BER032370.72.01
Bernina Foot #95C Foot for #88 Binder Attachment
Binder foot # 95 is a special presser foot for use in conjunction with binder attachments for pre..
Product Code: BER033555.71.00