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Interactive knitting and pattern programming. For use with Silver-Reed electronic knitting machines.

SilverKnit can handle stitch patterns of 250 stitches wide by 2000 rows. Just connect it directly to your knitting machine with the curl chord to transfer the information to your machine as you knit. To transfer your pattern to Silverknit from your computer, just use your computer USB.

You can reverse, center, double length, double width and multiple other variations by selecting the option you require on the screen - SilverKnit is designed for simplicity of use. You can even program your own pattern or download an existing pattern to SilverKnit. Store your favourite stitch patterns on your computer so you can recall them later when you want to use them.

What's included:

the SilverKnit box comes with the following:

  1. SilverKnit box
  2. USB cable
  3. Power Supply and power lead
  4. CDROM with SilverKnit Utility, Pattern Explorer and USB drivers.
  5. Quick Start Installation instructions

Software installation is straightforward and fast - simply follow the simple and short instructions on the leaflet that comes in the box.


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