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Model number: B408122001
Brother Parts - KH860 Extension Rails..
Model number: B409967101
Brother Parts - KH860 Knit Leader Tripper Assy-A23..
Model number: B407458001
Brother Parts - KH860 Latch Tool (=07312002)..
Model number: B409585001
Brother Parts - KH860 Ndl Selec.lever Spring A35..
Model number: B411044001
Brother Parts - KH860 Paper Punch Cards..
Model number: B405134004
Brother Parts - KH860 Row Counter (B405134006)..
Model number: B410988001
Brother Parts - KH868 A173a..
Model number: B410775002
Brother Parts - knob for ribber carriage KR-850..
Model number: B411300001
Brother Parts - KR-230/KH-230 Needles..
Model number: B404648001
Brother Parts - KR-850 Brother Standard Ribber Needle, OLD # BRKR850..
Model number: B403285001
Brother Parts - KR260 wire-toop Weight Hanger D9..
Model number: B408194001
Brother Parts - KR260 Plastic Rivet B32..
Model number: B404649002
Brother Parts - KR830 /850 Retainer Bar plastic B46..
Model number: B412207002
Brother Parts - L Point Can for 4 needles..
Model number: B412208002
Brother Parts - L Point Can for 8 needles..
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