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Bernina Feet

Bernina Feet
Model number: BER502020.76.48
Bernette Darning/Embroidery Foot - 12-92c/London3-8/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.70.52
Bernette .25 inch Quilting Foot with Guide - 12-92c/London3-8/Seville/Chicago..
Model number: BER25
Bernette 25..
Model number: BER56
Bernette 56..
Model number: BER502020.59.96
Bernette All Purpose Foot - 12/15/46/55/56/London3,5/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.60.07
Bernette All Purpose Foot - 65/80e/90e..
Model number: BER502020.59.93
Bernette Blind Hem Foot - 12/15/46/55/56/London3,5/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.60.09
Bernette Blind Hem Foot - 20/25/65-92c/London7,8..
Model number: BER502020.59.98
Bernette Button Sewing Foot - 12-25/46-92c/London3-8/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.59.97
Bernette Buttonhole Foot - 12/46/55/56/London3/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.60.04
Bernette Buttonhole Foot - 15/65/66/80e/82e/90e/London5..
Model number: BER502020.70.20
Bernette Buttonhole Foot - 20/25/92c/London7,8..
Model number: BER502020.60.05
Bernette Cording Foot - 20/25/65-92c/London7,8/Chicago..
Model number: BER502020.59.90
Bernette Cording Foot 12/15/46/55/56/London3,5/Seville..
Model number: BER502020.60.01
Bernette Gathering Foot - 15-92c/London3-8/Seville/Chicago..
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