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Chunky (9.0mm) - KM

Chunky (9.0mm) - KM
Model number: KH260U
9.0mm Brother Chunky..
Model number: KH-260C
9.0mm Brother Hand KM China..
Model number: KH260-150 COM
9.0mm KH260 Long Bed with KR260 Ribber 150Ndls..
Model number: KH160
KH160 Ribber is optional ( KR230 ) ..
Model number: KH-230 U
Used 9.0mm Brother Hand KM ( Only available with refurbished condition ) Specifications Single bed knitting machine Chunky 9mm needle gauge Manual patterning Can produce an incredible variety stitches, including tuck, slip, fairisle, punch lace Metal bed 110 needles Knitting carriage also ..
Model number: LK-100 U
LK-100 U..
Model number: SK-155
Model number: SK-155 U
SK-155 U..
Model number: KH-270 U
Used 9.0mm Brother Hand KM..
Model number: KH-260 U
Used 9.0mm Brother Hand KM..
Model number: KX-350 U
Used Brother Manual Hand KM..
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