DM80 Standard

DM80 Standard

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Passap Duomatic 80 Knitting Machine

The True Double-bed Knitting Machine for double output!

For those who want to produce knitwear - the Passap Duomatic 80 is the double bed knitting machine for professionals, designed as a modular system, strong, reliable and versatile.

You need two needles for knitting, and to be able to achieve knit and purl and the other important stitch combinations on a knitting machine, you need two needle beds. But only if the two beds are built as one unit - a true douible bed - can you transfer the stitches from one bed to the other, simply and effortlessly.


This is the standard Duomatic 80 machine with the RT63 Stand included in the price



The standard model Passap Duomatic 80 is a complete knitting machine in itself. You can therefore buy the machine seperately, and when required add the Deco punch card device or upgrade to the 4 colour changer.

A racking handle allows you to move the back bed by a full six needles for an even greater variety to your pattern effects.

Two locks, each with its own pattern selector, and capable of doing everything necessary for single-bed knitting. For double-bed knitting, where both locks are in action, you will not only double but multiply the pattern possibilities endlessly.

A PASSAP knits without weights - thanks to our unique stripper system which pushes the knitting down as you go, eliminating distortion.

Every PASSAP DUOMATIC 80 has a colour changer and this machine comes with the 2-colour version. An invaluable feature for easy stripes, intarsia work and other types of colourful knitting. 


Using a PASSAP is so easy! A glance at the diagram on the lock gives you the settings for each type of knitting.

A wide range of stitch size setting enables you to knit with a  variety of yarns on your PASSAP.

the row counter is built into the front lock.


For furthur information about the Passap Duomatic 80 click here

For diagrams and parts numbers click here

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