6 - Super Bulky

6 - Super Bulky
Super Chunky, Roving
Recommended Needle Size (Range)  -- 9mm+ (U.S. 13+)
Knit Gauge (Range) in Stocking Stitch to 10cm/4"  -- 6 - 11 stitches
Recommended Hook Size (Range)  -- 9mm+ (U.S. M/13+)
Crochet Gauge (Range) in Single Crochet to 10cm/4"  -- 5 - 9 stitches



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Sale Bernat Baby Blanket (Big Ball)
$CAD11.49 $CAD9.99
Product Code: 161104
Sale Bernat Baby Blanket (Small Ball)
20% Sale Ends June 30th! ..
$CAD4.49 $CAD3.99
Product Code: 161103/47
Sale Bernat Blanket (Big Ball)
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.99
Product Code: 161110
Sale Bernat Chunky
$CAD13.99 $CAD9.99
Product Code: 161130/1
Sale Bernat Happy
$CAD4.99 $CAD4.49
Product Code: 161181
Sale Bernat MEGA Bulky
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.99
Product Code: 161188
Sale Bernat Softee Chunky
$CAD3.79 $CAD3.39
Product Code: 161128/9
Sale Bernat Spectrum
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.99
Product Code: 161193
Sale Borgo de'Pazzi - Royal
$CAD9.99 $CAD8.99
Product Code: BG21
Cascade Yarns Big Wheel
Product Code: Q278
Estelle Yarns Alpaca 60
Product Code: Q533
Sale Miss Tricot Filati Arapaho
$CAD27.99 $CAD25.19
Product Code: MF05
Sale Patons Cobbles
$CAD9.99 $CAD8.99
Product Code: 241085
Sale Patons Delish
$CAD12.99 $CAD10.52
Product Code: 241087
Sale Patons Iced
$CAD6.99 $CAD5.99
Product Code: 241097
Sale Sugar Bush Chill
$CAD16.95 $CAD15.25
Product Code: 648001
Sale Bernat Beyond
$CAD6.99 $CAD6.29
Product Code: 161223
Sale Bernat Blanket Brights BB
With a range of energetic colors, this soft and cosy yarn is ideal for a diversity of projects. I..
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.99
Product Code: 161212
Borgo de'Pazzi - ADE
Borgo de'Pazzi - ADE A Super Bulky, Super Chunky yarn made of merino superwash wool with lure..
Product Code: ADE
Borgo de'Pazzi - Grosso
Borgo de'Pazzi - Grosso This is a super bulky yarn that's also extra soft, made from 100% woo..
Product Code: BO-BG02
Borgo de'Pazzi - Naturalia
Borgo de'Pazzi - Naturalia This is a bulky, soft, virgin wool in natural colours. ..
Product Code: BO-BGO4
Borgo de'Pazzi - Nature
Borgo de'Pazzi - Nature This is a one ply yarn made from 100% virgin wool. Not colored or tre..
Product Code: BO-BGO5
Sale Cascade Yarns Magnum
$CAD28.99 $CAD25.99
Product Code: Q233
Sale SMC Lumio Cotton
$CAD9.60 $CAD9.60
Product Code: 9807779