Hague Linkers

Hague is a reputable brand, and are well known for their sturdy machines.

The Hague linker is a machine which is able to attach two pieces of knitting together by means of a neat and accurate chain stitch.
It drastically cuts the time taken to join two pieces of knitting together, and is suitable for both hand and machine knitters.

It securely joins the knitting, but can be easily undone if you want to change anything. It is stitch to stich accurate, enabling stripes to be matched up exactly.
You can align both stitches and rows for accuracy and there is no limit to the length of the knitting you can join on the machine.
If you have lots of 'ends' to fasten off, then these can easily be woven in at the same time as linking the knitting together, again making the process much quicker than doing it by hand.
Necklines can be easily put on to cover cut and sew edges.

For more information on the D10 (hand and electric) machine and how they work, click here

For the D280 click here.

Or to watch a quick youtube video, click here.


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D10 Hand Linker
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D280 Hand Linker
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D280E - Electric Linker
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Hague Linker Stand
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Product Code: HagueD006