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2 Prong Transfer Tool
2x2 Transfer Tool Set -- set of 2. Use these transfer tools for 2x2 cables, which are easier ..
Product Code: BD 010089 02010
3 Prong Transfer Tool
3 Prong Transfer Tool Use these transfer tools for 3x3 cables, for increases and decreases, s..
Product Code: BD 010089 02095
Carriage Assembly
Carriage Assembly A perfect replacement piece for your Ultimate Sweater Machine. Contains..
Product Code: BD 1000 07277
Cast On Hem
Cast On Hem Keep your projects weighted down for less hassle and more order! This package con..
Product Code: BD 010089 02011
Claw Weight Set
Claw Weight Set Hang these on your edge stitches for a more stable edge. Useful for weighting..
Product Code: BD 1000 07925
Double Number Strip
Product Code: BD 1000 07403
Easy Knit Spray
Easy Knit Spray This is the easiest, most enjoyable way to lubricate the keyplates of your Bo..
Product Code: BD 010089 02005
Elastic Cast On Cord
Elastic Cast On Cord This replacement thread is excellent for when your original thread runs ..
Product Code: BD 010089 05201
Embellish-Knit! Automatic Spool Knitter
Embellish-Knit! Automatic Spool Knitter, makes i-cord ..
Product Code: EMBELLISH
Green Keyplates (4/bag)
Green Keyplates (4/bag) Replacement Keyplates for Ultimate Sweater Machine, bag of four. ..
Product Code: BD 1000 07271
Heavy Duty Hem
Heavy Duty Hem Keep your projects weighted down for less hassle and more order! This package ..
Product Code: BD 010089 02101
Intarsia KeyPlate (yellow)
Product Code: BD 1000 07276
ISM Upgrade Kit
Product Code: BD 010089 02032-3
Latch x1 Tool
Product Code: BD 1000 07275
Ndl/Retainers Set - USM
Product Code: BD 010089 05004
Ravel Cord
Product Code: BD 010089 05007
Row Counter
Row Counter Automatically keep track of the number of rows you've knitted Attaches to th..
Product Code: BD020064
Short Hem
Product Code: BD 010089 02013
Short Hem with Weights
Product Code: BD 010089 02012
Single Needle Number Strip
Product Code: BD 1000 09804
Stitch Encyclopedia Set
Product Code: BD 010089 03060
USM Extension Kit
USM Extension Kit Lengthen your ultimate sweater machine by 30 needles Attaches to ..
Product Code: USMExtenstion