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Sale Bernat Baby
$CAD3.99 $CAD3.23
Product Code: 163035/6
Sale Bernat Baby Blanket (Big Ball)
$CAD11.49 $CAD9.19
Product Code: 161104
Bernat Baby Blanket (Small Ball)
20% Sale Ends June 30th! ..
Product Code: 161103/47
Sale Bernat Baby Coordinates
$CAD6.49 $CAD5.26
Product Code: 166048/9
Bernat Baby Sport
Product Code: 163121/3/4
Bernat Blanket (Big Ball)
Product Code: 161110
Sale Bernat Boa
Bernat Boa Yarn Bernat Boa is a bulky weight eyelash fashion yarn, perfect for making hats, s..
$CAD4.59 $CAD3.72
Product Code: 164146
Sale Bernat Chunky
$CAD13.99 $CAD11.33
Product Code: 161130/1
Sale Bernat Dimensions
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.85
Product Code: 161199
Sale Bernat Faux Fur Pompom
NOTES:  Due to the busy season, this item has been out of stock for a while , currently w..
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.85
Product Code: 167001
Sale Bernat Giggles
$CAD4.29 $CAD3.47
Product Code: 164156/72
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Big Ball)
Product Code: 162080/081/084/111
Sale Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Big Ball)
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Big Ball) Bernat Handicrafter Cotton is known for its exceptional..
$CAD16.49 $CAD9.95
Product Code: 162027/33/42
Sale Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Small Ball)
$CAD2.49 $CAD1.99
Product Code: 162101/02 (old#162013/23)
Sale Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread
$CAD3.59 $CAD2.91
Product Code: 163031/3
Sale Bernat Happy
$CAD4.99 $CAD4.04
Product Code: 161181
Sale Bernat Li'l Tots
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.18
Product Code: 161142
Bernat Maker Fashion
Product Code: 161206
Sale Bernat MEGA Bulky
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.71
Product Code: 161188
Sale Bernat Pipsqueak
Based on 1 reviews.
$CAD4.29 $CAD3.47
Product Code: 162059
Bernat Premium - bag of 3 balls
Product Code: 164158
Sale Bernat Roving
$CAD5.79 $CAD4.69
Product Code: 161100
Sale Bernat Satin
$CAD4.29 $CAD3.47
Product Code: 164104/5
Bernat Soft Bouclé - bag of 3 balls
Product Code: 161146
Sale Bernat Softee Baby
$CAD6.49 $CAD5.26
Product Code: 166030/1
Bernat Softee Baby Chunky
Product Code: 161196/7
Sale Bernat Softee Chunky
$CAD3.79 $CAD3.07
Product Code: 161128/9
Sale Bernat Softee Chunky Holiday
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.85
Product Code: 161185
Sale Bernat Sox
$CAD4.49 $CAD3.64
Product Code: 166050
Sale Bernat Spectrum
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.85
Product Code: 161193
Sale Bernat Super Value
$CAD6.99 $CAD5.66
Product Code: 164053/128
Sale Bernat Super Value Stripes
$CAD6.99 $CAD5.66
Product Code: 164173
Sale Bernat Super Value Team Colors
$CAD6.99 $CAD5.66
Product Code: 164174
Sale Bernat Viva
$CAD5.99 $CAD4.85
Product Code: 161151
Sale Bernat Yarn-Baby Coordinates Pyjama Party
$CAD5.26 $CAD4.87
Product Code: 16640949313
Bernat Blanket (Big Ball New)
These Colours are exclusive to The Yarn Guy and, you won't find them anywhere else! ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Product Code: 161110
Sale Bernat Blanket Brights BB
With a range of energetic colors, this soft and cosy yarn is ideal for a diversity of projects. I..
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.59
Product Code: 161212
Bernat Dazzle
Available in a range of jewel tone shades and featuring a metallic shimmer, this bulky weight yar..
Product Code: 161207
Sale Bernat MEGA bulky Sparkle
One of our biggest yarns, but with added sparkle. Ideal for creating luxuriously thick accessores..
$CAD11.99 $CAD9.75
Product Code: 161201
Bernat Multi-Ply
Made up of multiple strands of yarn, this is a new and unique yarn that provides a mult-stranded ..
Product Code: 164176
Bernat Softee Baby Colors
This is a light weight baby yarn available in a range of multi-color shades. Perfect for baby gar..
Product Code: 166051
Bernat Sox - 6 bag
Mix & Match Online To mix and match online, just pick one color and add it t..
Product Code: 166050
Sale Bernat Super Value Team Colors - bag of 3 balls
$CAD20.97 $CAD11.00
Product Code: 164174
Patons Peak
With its colorful shades rooted in grey, the finished project suggests a three dimensional pop of..
Product Code: 242021