10" Rigid Heddle Reed


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Brand: Ashford
Product Code: RDRH25


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* 10" RH Nylon Reed Options:

Nylon Reeds for 25cm (10") Sampleit Loom

Reeds are available for different yarns:

  • The 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 dpi (10, 20, 30 and 40/10cm) reeds feature the wide eye for novelty yarns.
  • The 12.5dpi(50/10cm) and 15dpi(60/10) reeds are for finer yarns.

Made from strong, durable nylon with Silver Beech hardwood rails.

RDRH25/2.5 - 10/10 (2.5dpi) 25cm/10" 
RDRH25/5 - 20/10 (5dpi) 25cm/10" 
RDRH25/7.5 - 30/10 (7.5dpi) 25cm/10" 
RDRH25/10 - 40/10 (10dpi) 25cm/10" 
RDRH25/12.5 - 50/10 (12.5dpi) 25cm/10"
RDRH25/15 - 50/10 (15dpi) 25cm/10"

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